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Curriculum Law - programs can't be suspended to administer assessments


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Comprehensive Research-based Reading Plan

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    -  Transforming Early Childhood Community Systems & Community (TECCS)
Level Measures of Children's Development/School Readiness

     -   TECCS Fact Sheet

     -   Early Development Instrument Questionnaire


-     EESAC Training 2012-2013 Power Point 
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NEW! English/language Arts  formative Assessment Tools from the state - Grades K-8 - these are NOT required

ESE Requirement:  Senate Bill 1108 Update

March 7, 2014 - FLDOE Update

Any professional who renews after July 1, 2014 will be required to have the necessary coursework.

UTD will be offering courses to meet this requirement during the 2014-2015 school year through the district's Education Portal.  Courses are listed as UTD ESE 20-hour Certification Course.  Click here for the districts Education Portal.

New! ESE-RULE Requirement for 20-hour PD 

ETO (Educational Transformation Office)

ETO schools are not different than any other school as it relates to salary and working conditions. Contract language applies the same in an ETO school as it does in any other school. If you are directed to do something contrary to the contract, contact your UTD Organizer immediately.

25 Elementary Schools have extended hours for the 2014-15 school year. MDCPS and UTD are negotiating provisions for salary and transfers related to the extended workday. Unless specifically modified by the agreement, all working conditions and contractual provisions are in full effect in these 25 schools as well. Agreement will be posted ASAP.

School Improvement Grant (SIG)

-   SIG Schools

Memorandum of Understanding - Contract Modification/Implementation - The objective of the plan is to improve student achievement outcomes and increase high school graduation rates by focusing on extended learning opportunities, providing intensive student interventions based on assessment data, and offering job-embedded professional development and financial incentives to teachers.  Click here

FAIR Assessments - 

The new FAIR, which addresses the new Florida Standards 9FS) will be used to track student growth and will be administerred to all students in grades K-11 (and ghrade 12 re-takers).  As such, there will be no Interim Assessments in E/LA this year.

  - Over Assessing

   Testing Calendar

    Click here to see a letter sent on behalf of Milagros (Millie) Fornell, Associate Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction regarding FAIR implementation.

    FAIR testing update.  Teachers are not required to grade the spelling test portion of the Broad Diagnostic Inventory for the second grade test as per Contract Article X, Section 1. F. According to the District Language Arts Dept., students may grade each other's papers or the school may use a SWAT team approach.


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  -   History of Florida's Academic Standards and Statewide Assessments By Commissioner Stewart


 - The Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) has been revised to be more user friendly. The IPDP is not a part of the IPEGS evaluation nor is it tied to Standard 5 – Assessment. However, the IPDP is part of the UTD/MDCPS Contract under the IPEGS Handbook and must be completed. The IPDP is a growth tool for the professional which indicates the professional development plan for the current school year. The professional can use multiple sources for the basis of the IPDP. Any revisions to the IPDP must be mutually agreed upon by the professional and the principal. It is due to the principal on Friday, September 26, 2014. Click on the link below to see a breakdown of the IPDP procedures and the link for the form. All information on the IPDP can be found in the IPEGS Handbook, pages 68-70.

Click here for the Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) Clarification

Click here for the MDCPS Professional Development and Evaluation Website 


UTD Summative Evaluation Preparation Forms – This is a member only voluntary form to be used to assist you in documenting your practice in preparation for a discussion of ratings during the Summative Evaluation Meeting. (Please refer to pages 25 – 29 in the IPEGS handbook for additional information regarding the summative evaluation process.)

- Teacher Edition
- Student Services Edition
- Instructional Support Edition


-  IPEGS Post-Observation Self-Evaluation Form (to be completed at earliest time following a formal IPEGS observation)

 - Value Added Model

-  Explanations and FAQ's 
Talking Points
Sample Letter to District
Email to Superintendent

-    State Student Growth Committee and Value Aded Model Website

   -  IPEGS Timeline Information

   -  IPEGS Procedural Handbook  (Summative Evaulation Procedures are on Pages 25 - 29 and 75 - 76)

   -  IPEGS Website

National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT)

WANTED:  Teachers to participate in field tests of new certification process. 

     -  NCLB Waivers
     -  Teacher Evaluation Article
     -  Guide to Candidacy and Loan Information    
     -  National Board Certified Teachers Website


UTD will be offering Professional Development courses at locations throughout the district. Engaging teachers and educational support professionals (ESPs) in “high quality” professional development to help improve student achievement is a major goal of UTD. Based on research with demonstrated applicability for classroom teachers, these AFT developed courses can be used for in-service credit for teacher certificate renewal.

Click here for UTD's 2014-2015 Professional Development Brochure 

Certification, Recertification & Endorsement Courses at MDC 

Professional Development Clarification

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) FAQ 

Requirements vs. Recommendations

     - Requirements vs Recommendations Joint FAQ

 Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention in a nutshell

Subject Area Certification Exam Preparation Information

Certification Requirements

Testing Calendar

2013 - 2014 MDCPS Testing Calendar

Writing Rubrics 

New State ELA Rubrics Driving Writing Instruction