Retired Chapter of the United Teachers of Dade

Retired Chapter

The United Teachers of Dade Retired Chapter is open to all retired members of UTD, FEA, NEA, AFT and the Florida AFL-CIO.  We are an organization whose purpose is to promote the interests of its members in the areas of economic concerns, health and welfare, political activism, as well as fostering social, cultural and educational pursuits.

Executive Board Officers:

Phyllis Compton, President
Gerry Tiziani, Vice-President
Linda Dunn, Recording Secretary

Want to keep your certification?  Retired teachers who wish to keep their certification updated may do so through TEC.

Become a member of the UTD Retired Teachers Chapter

Benefits to Joining UTD-R

As a member of UTD-R you will enjoy a number of benefits.  The chapter has an active social calendar which includes the Annual Retirement Breakfast and the Annual Retirement Workshop, as well as fun holiday gatherings.  A stimulating book club meets monthly to discuss books appealing to all interests.  Financial services, discount programs, educational programs,  workshops  covering health/insurance/financial concerns given by experts in their fields, and substitute teacher coverage are on-going benefits that are available.

In addition, UTD-R offers an opportunity to become actively involved in the issues that directly affect retirees.

The camaraderie which we shared during our active working years remains strong as we enjoy  retirement with our colleagues. Come and get involved!  You may join by calling the retiree office at 305-854-0220. The contact person is Phyllis Compton.

Calendar of Events

Presidential Debate Watch Parties

First Tuesday of every month:

UTD-R Board Meetings at UTD Headquarters at 12:00 p.m. in the 4th floor conference room.  All meetings are open to the membership.

Second Tuesday of every month:

UTD-R Book Club at The Book Store in the Grove, 3399 Virginia Street (Corner of Virginia St and Grand Ave.) Coconut Grove, FL.  Public Parking Garage (across from the book store on Grand Ave.), handicap access

The UTD-R Book Club meets on the second Tuesday of every Month

UTD Retired Chapter Board Meeting

When:  UTD-R Board Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month.

UTD Headquarters

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