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Looking for Volunteers Looking for Volunteers!

With so much at stake for children and education in the 2016 election, it is essential that we support candidates 

for state and local office, that are committed to:

o Ensuring children’s health and safety

o Maximizing student learning

o Strengthening public education in Florida

o Respecting public school employees and their negotiated contracts

Can we count you in to make calls to members, canvass for a candidate or work a polling site?  Click here to volunteer!

Absentee Ballot Request online or via phone - Miami-Dade

Absentee Ballot Request - Broward

Primary Early Voting Schedule and Locations- Miami-Dade

Primary Early Voting Schedule and Locations- Broward

School Board Policy regarding Political Activities 

Learn about the Candidates -  Member ID and Password required. 


Election 2016 is an opportunity to elect individuals who support public education and its professionals!  While the candidates’ positions on the issues are at the heart of the recommendation process, UTD evaluates other factors such as the district’s political and demographic profile as well as the candidate’s viability in that district. 

UTD’s process of recommending candidates begins at the grassroots level with a team of local members interviewing candidates on education issues.  Click here for Candidate Information - Member I.D. and password required.